Dragonflies, needlepoint, and excitement, oh my! Wednesday, Nov 21 2012 

This is the first time in months that I have felt excited about a creative project, be it writing or otherwise.  The depression from being sick has sapped me pretty badly.

But, after talking to the doctor yesterday, and getting her perspective on what I need to do–and taking steps to do what needs done–I feel better today.  I bought two craft projects last night, and while shopping after my doctor’s appointment left me incredibly sore and tired, I still feel strangely invigorated.

I am hopeful again.  I’m cheerful, and I’m having a hard time sitting still despite being so very drained.

Today, I am opening my needlepoint kit, and getting to work.  I know it will probably take me a while, but feeling energized enough to tackle something feels so invigorating.

And, while I hate to say it–crochet and knitting are my first loves–needlepoint is far more portable than most yarn projects I’ve felt comfortable working on.


Weekly Inspiration #1 Sunday, Jan 8 2012 

This is the start of a new feature on my blog called “Weekly Inspiration”.  I’m going to post at least three things on my blog every week that keeps me writing from week to week.

  1. My nephew: As stated, my nephew is going into the military.  I am SO proud of him, and so inspired that he’s willing and able to do that despite the state of the world today.  He’s brave and he’s wonderful.
  2. deviantART: dA has inspired me more than anything else before yesterday.  I lost the writing bug pretty hard for a while there; my inspiration just… fled.  A friend linked to dA and asked me about a piece she’d written; I re-activated my old account and started looking around on the site, finding groups that offered prompts.  I joined the literature community.  I found mentors and people who are willing to tell me to knock it off when I’m freaking out too hard.  Thank you, deviants, for your help and compassion.  I love you all.
  3. Friends: Non-deviantART member friends who also write and kick my butt into gear regularly.  I appreciate and love all of you, too.

And that’s this week’s Inspiration Post. 🙂