My first copy of Rattle came in today.  It is thick, and beautiful, and smells of new paper and promise.  I have three more mags to look forward to.

I am excited to open the book–gently, of course–and read all of the wonderful poetry selected by the Rattle editors.

I didn’t get accepted for publication in the magazine, nor did I win this year’s Poetry Prize.  I’m interested in reading what was accepted, so I can learn and grow as an author.  Poetry is not my strength, so studying will help me.

I can’t crack it open yet–I’ve trained myself to pretty much only read before bed–but it’ll be a good evening for reading, certainly.

I hope my American followers had a good Thanksgiving, and that if they ventured out on Black Friday, that they got everything they wished to buy.  I hope my international followers are having a fantastic weekend!