Since I am coming back to the blog after its short burst of creation momentum, I am trying to decide which direction to take it in.  A very dear friend of mine suggests that I write about subjects that are important but “safe”–not talking about religion, politics, et cetera, and not swearing.  She is a YA author, however, and has a brand to maintain.

I am not interested in writing YA.  While I probably would be good at it–I’m not interested in pop music, but I do read a lot of novels aimed at teenagers, and watch a lot of television aimed at high schoolers–my main interest lies in speculative fiction of a more adult nature.  I don’t do graphic sex scenes within a story unless it’s, for some reason, completely justifiably necessary (which, to me, is pretty much never), but I like a lot of deep, provocative language. AKA, I like to swear in new, creative ways.  That’s not the only reason I’ll never be a YA author, but it’s a big part of it.

I’m very tired, and I think I’m rambling a little bit.  I can’t go to sleep yet, either, because of Real Life Obligations.  I will leave you with this poem, which is not safe for work, but is strangely beautiful while making me giggle like a fifth grader.