Some days, it’s a real struggle to get out of bed. Especially after someone close has died.

I never liked the man. He was abusive, racist, ageist, misogynist (a lot of -ists), hateful, and bitter. But I did love him, despite myself.

You only get one biological father, after all.

So, I’m still sorting my feelings about that, and I don’t expect to have any meaningful posts about writing for a while yet. But I have been writing, at least, even if it’s not all for public consumption. For example, I’m writing over at Four Girls To Die For, a blog three friends and I created to write about gaming from a female perspective. (If you have the Dakka Dakka Dakka link from last post, please delete it and use this one!)

I’m around, just… turtling, as a friend calls it–pulling my head into my shell.

I hope to be back among the internet communities I’m involved in soon.