I’m talking to a friend on IM, and she used a word in a sentence in a newly-common way.  Paraphrased it was, “I don’t watch Top Chef to watch them make ghetto food.”

I must be reading or thinking about the Holocaust a lot today, because instead of thinking of common things–which is how she was using the word–my thoughts flitted to the Warsaw Ghetto and other really bad places of cities.

Maybe I’m odd and thinking about words in more traditional ways today.  It’s not like I didn’t understand her, but my brain kind of… split, I guess? on how she meant it.

I probably shouldn’t blog this, and instead should talk about how I created my first nail art today… but it’s more appropriate to talk about language on a writing blog.

I’m indecisive today, so I’m going back to work on my current project.

Keep writing!