So… I already missed a day of posting.  I am unimpressed with myself, but considering the amount of stress I’ve been under, it’s not surprising.  I’m actually pleased that I remembered to update today.

My mother had a hip replacement today.  A friend points out that this makes her a cyborg.  I am now ridiculously amused.

The surgery went well; she’s in the hospital for a couple of days while she learns to walk again, and then I’m staying with her through most of her recovery.  My writing time will be affected, but that’s all right.  Sometimes family takes priority.  And really, it’s only returning the favor of her taking care of me for so long.  My mother is my best friend; it’s the least I can do for her.

While the surgery went well, it took ages to get her into the OR.  Three hours later, she was safely in recovery… and sat there for about four and a half hours.  We finally got her into a room at 8 this evening.  It’s late enough, and her apartment is in a bad enough neighborhood, that I’m just spending the night with her here at the hospital.

While all of this was going down—pre-op, operation, recovery—I was curled up in a surprisingly nice waiting room.  I left to get food, use the restroom, and buy her a gift.  I found some of my favorite gum in 15 packs—Teaberry!—and got her some, as well as my beau.

Today’s gone well, and I am tired.  Now is sleep.

Keep writing!