Today has been very, very bittersweet.

My nephew’s recruiter picks him up for Basic Training tomorrow.  I love him dearly.  I’m terrified that he will go overseas and come home in a pine box.

We spent our last hour together playing video games.  (Well, he played, and I watched him play.)  We went through Bayonetta?, Dante’s Inferno, and Fable 3.  He loaned me the first two God of War games for my PS2.

I worry compulsively at the best of times.  This isn’t easy, to say the least.

After we left my nephew’s, we came to my aunt’s house.  We’re going to spend the night here before heading home tomorrow.  This is Mom’s last chance to see the family for a while; she’s having hip surgery on Tuesday, and won’t be able to drive for at least two months.  I do not have my license due to various factors, and it’s simply easier for one person to come up here instead of a dozen aging, ailing family members to come to us.

Not everyone is aging, though.  My cousin had a baby right before Christmas.  Her name is Alissa Marie, and she is simply beautiful.

On the way home from visiting, we stopped and took pictures of a beautiful covered bridge near my aunt’s.  I’m a new photographer, but I enjoy learning about it and taking pictures.

My birthday was Thursday, but my mother and I waited until today to celebrate with my aunt.  I thought the cake was heavy when I lifted it out of the car, but thought nothing of it until I tried to cut it. It was a shell of carrot cake (my favorite!) surrounding cheesecake.  It was… odd, to say the least.  I don’t think I really enjoyed it very much, but the thought was very sweet.  My mother tries very hard, and I appreciate that she tried to buy me a carrot cake instead of traditional chocolate.

It is late, and I am going to be up early to go to church with my mother and my aunt to see other family members.

Keep writing!