Yesterday was really nice!  I went to my local Pagan discussion group, and my roommates brought gifts for me.  (I’m staying with my mother for a while, because she’s having hip surgery next week.)  I got a snuggie, a handmade bracelet, and some other very nice things.

I laid down and slept at about midnight, but suddenly bolted awake at 2:30 and haven’t slept since.  Now I have to stay awake because I’m meeting my former boss for lunch today at 1.  Only 4 more hours…  Until then I’m chugging Mountain Dew like it’s going out of style.  I’ll probably be unable to sleep again tonight, but it’s the weekend, and that’s okay.

I actually don’t drink caffeine often.  There’s a saying that authors are addicted to caffeine and/or booze.  I don’t drink either very often.  My true addiction is the internet, which severely cuts into my writing, but being disconnected from research material and people to bounce ideas off of really makes me nervous.  (I wasn’t kidding about the addiction part!  I can occupy my brain with other stuff if I need to–I’ve survived a weekend without internet OR cell service recently–but man, it was crazy, and I slept a lot in between reading 3 novels in two days.)

I got the nicest compliment yesterday, and it wasn’t even birthday related!  A friend texted me and said, “I need someone to bounce ideas off of so that my story isn’t horrible, cliched, and boring.  You were the first person I thought of.”  And then he called me and sang Happy Birthday even when I got all embarrassed and asked him to stop, but that’s my friends for you.  Really, it was sweet of him; he didn’t have to acknowledge my birthday at all, considering the writing frenzy he wanted–needed–to go into.

Random note to self: read the piece he sent last night.

Anyway, I’m going to sign off here and get to writing and editing.  Have a good one!

Keep writing!